There is currently a viral Tweet asking Cardi B to Try West African Foods

This tweet went viral last month when US rapper Cardi B made a tweet complaining about a lack of variety in her food rotation, the internet listened and not long after a tweet asking her to try a West African Cuisine in LA was going around!

Has she tried it yet? We want to know, but here are 7 reasons why she (and you) should!

1. West African food has great options for both vegans and carnivores.
2. Tingle your Taste buds! – Change your regular cuisine by trying zesty and spicy new meals!
3. It is very spicy and hot for taste lovers! – Home to one of the hottest peppers in the world, the scotch bonnets!
4. Do you like Gumbo? You’ll probably enjoy West African Food!
5. We have a variety of delicious snacks while you’re on the go!
6. Natural Products! Most African food are made from 100% natural ingredients!
7. Taste Africa! Africa is home to the warmest and happiest people!

What do you think, friends? Do you think you are ready to try West African food? Order our April box for just $35 and get started now!